How did we choose Ptuj’s year of birth?

In 1969 we celebrated the 1900th anniversary of Ptuj. A year ago a decision on the celebration was passed at the municipal assembly. There were several reasons for the celebration. Most importantly, we became aware of the invaluable historical monuments, from archaeological finds to medieval traditions, the rich building heritage and all cultural-historical monuments that surround us and with which we are living with. All in all, from antique Poetovio Ptuj has been, together with its later medieval successor, the most important urban settlement in Slovenia throughout the first millennium and even longer.

Three years before the anniversary experts began to search for a suitable year, date or event, standing out historically, and giving Ptuj a special place.

Anniversaries of other Slovenian towns have usually been chosen after the first written mentioning or granted town rights. However, from the history of Ptuj, experts leaned on its Roman period that is standing out. That is why we have chosen the year 69 AD, when the name Poetovio first appeared in historical texts in the work Historiae (History) by the Roman writer Tacitus.

This is how Ptuj’s year of birth was chosen.

Source: Marija Hernja Masten