avgust, 2019

15avg(avg 15)08:0018(avg 18)22:00XII. Roman Games

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Also in 2019, the streets and markets of Petoviona will be occupied by gladiators, legionaries, senators, vestal virgins and other Romans. The XII. Roman Games will honour the 1950th anniversary of the meeting of army leaders in Petoviona, where they were addressed by Markus Antonius Primus to confirm Vespasian for the Emperor. The four-day spectacle attended by 800 costumed Romans will be presented by the Petoviona Meeting, described by Tacit, thus emphasizing historical facts and events 1950 years ago. The traditional Roman Games will include the presentation of the significance and power of Roman Petoviona.

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15 (četrtek) 08:00 - 18 (Nedelja) 22:00


Poetovio LXIX Society