november, 2019

22nov01decArchaeological Exhibition The Heart of Petoviona

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With the exhibition The Heart of Petoviona the authors want to mark the 1950th anniversary of the first mentioning of Ptuj/Petoviona in an ancient literary source. The exhibition is based on the new archaeological research of the Roman town in the last uninhabited area in the centre of Ptuj, representing the main part of the ancient town. Non-destructive geophysical research combined with classical archaeological research gave new insights and results on ancient settlement and architecture, the course of streets, location of buildings, sanctuaries and markets. The exhibition is based on team-work and interinstitutional cooperation. It will also present prestigious new archaeological finds that have not been shown to the public yet. Alongside the display of the ancient town we can also follow a virtual presentation. The exhibition will be accompanied by pedagogical and andragogic workshops on ancient mythology and Slovene narrative material in the light of archaeological material culture. With the myths discussing man archetypally, authors want to shed light on the meaning of ancient culture. As myths are the foundation of ancient and contemporary literature and modern creation and are closely related to narrative goods.

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November 22 (Petek) 18:00 - December 1 (Torek) 00:00